Sometimes the only way to get through difficult things is to add some humor. -Me

Yup, we gotta add humor to our day to day, just to enjoy some parts, right? I mean with the heat Washington State and other states have seen, we gotta laugh at something right?
The above screenshot was taken on Tuesday, 7-9-24

In other words, It's stupid hot!

Though, not the hottest it's ever been in Washington State (refer to this article if you shall please.)


So, what are Washington Residents saying about this heatwave?

Surely, we are on the same page, right? Well, if you consider being humorous being on the same page, then yes.

I asked the question, "In one sentence, describe the Weather."

The Answers did not disappoint.

What Washington State Residents say about the Heatwave

Gah, humor has not died. Hahaha, enjoy

Gallery Credit: Aly

Will someone please check on Wilting Deborah and Melting Mark please?

Bring water and a fan. Maybe a freezer to make them solid again.

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I gotta say, Humor really does make things better. A smile is just as good. With that being said, I hope you are able to find some humor in this stupid hot weather and I hope you stay hydrated!

If you think you've had enough water, drink more.

- Me (Aly)

Please stay safe, stay cool and stay weird my friend. We got this, and if you see me melting, splash some water and tell me to get with it. We are all in this together (like, literally.)


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