I did it, I gave in yesterday, I bought a little kids snap style pool.


Now, I may have said "kids," but let's be completely honest here. The pool is for me too.

With a 7-year-old go-getter of a little girl, and this serious heat we have had lately, we needed something close to home to be able to just drag out and enjoy.

Insert the easiest pool ever to set up.


All you have to do is unfold it and add the water.

There are so many pools to choose from, and so much fun to be had. But what if the person who needs to buy the pool, isn't convinced?

Don't worry, use the following excused to get your swimming way.

The Top Reasons Why You SHOULD Buy a Pool

As if you needed reasons. Maybe you do, here ya go :)

Gallery Credit: Aly

Swimming to me has always been such a release.

From feeling weightless to swimming like i have a mermaid tail, getting to be in water is like being able to "go home." for me. Do you ever get that feeling?

And what is it about swimming all day long, and then eating something. That after swim meal always hits so dang good! Fuel for the body after hours of fun and laughter.

Did your parents ever say, "don't swim after you eat, you'll drown."

I almost feel like thats a lie, but I'm not sure. I believed it but I also would wait a half hour and say, "I'm Jumping In!" Hahaha, oh the memories. Life is sweet my friend.


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