Efforts are being made to prevent another traffic gridlock that frustrated a countless number of concert goers at the Gorge Amphitheater Last Friday night.

Members of the Grant County government met with venue owner Live Nation Tuesday to discuss ways to avoid a repeat episode.

Deputies say the gridlock was the result two concerts being scheduled on the same weekend as well as beefed up security after a mass shooting at the Gorge campgrounds.

Grant County Sheriff Joe Kriete reportedly told Live Nation his office support another Gorge-caused gridlock incident.

There was discussion about developing both short-term and long-term plans to deal with traffic issues, and options were provided by staff members of Grant County Public Works, the agency that manages county roadways.

The Grant County Board of County Commissioners attended the meeting, as did Gorge security contractor Crowd Management Services.

Hundreds of vehicles who were trying to access the campground at the amphitheater became stuck in traffic for hours last Friday. Deputies say the gridlock also affected local residents.

Enhanced security measures at The Gorge went in place following a shooting at the venue's campground on June 17 that left two dead and injured three.

Travelers jamming traffic at the campgrounds were divided between concert goers there to see country artist Eric Church and alt folk band The Lumineers.

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