With concert season at the Gorge Amphitheater in George heating up, the Grant County Sheriff's Office is reminding patrons of the venue about ways to stay safe while enjoying the show.

Sheriff's office spokesperson Kyle Foreman says there's one crime that law enforcement at the Gorge sees more than any other, and protecting yourself from it is easy.

"The biggest thing is not to keep your valuables inside your car or in your tent where other people can see them. If you're going to have valuables on site make sure you secure them somewhere like the trunk of your car or some other location in your car where someone can't easily access them. We do have a lot of property thefts during concert season."

Other safety tips for concertgoers at the Gorge are to stay hydrated; watch for people who might be preying on the vulnerable; don't accept drinks or other substances from strangers; avoid inebriation and don't use illicit drugs.

Foreman says the sheriff's office works with other law enforcement agencies and the venue's private security to customize an individual patrol plan for every concert at the Gorge.

"There's a lot of on-site security at the venue and there's always more security staff there than there is law enforcement staff. Generally, most of the issues that arise are handled by the on-site security. However, if there's something that on-site security needs assistance with from law enforcement, then they can call us and our deputies will go out there to help them."

The summer concert season at the Gorge opened on Memorial Day Weekend and will run through September 10.

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