Grant County Sheriff Joe Kriete is apologizing to concert fans at The Gorge.

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On Friday, many fans of the Lumineers and James Bay missed the concert due to incredibly long traffic delays. Enhanced security searches were implemented after a shooting earlier this year left two dead and three people injured.


Social media posts from upset fans relayed tales of sitting in traffic for more than 5-hours. Some people left their vehicles and walked to the venue while others turned around to leave. Residents in the area also experienced long delays returning home from outings.

According to a post on the Grant County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

I’ve read and heard comments today about the long traffic delays and gridlock that happened Friday on the roadways to The Gorge. I want to say that I’m sorry to local residents and concertgoers who had to wait so long. I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been.

Clearly, trying to move that many vehicles both in and out of the area simultaneously was not a good idea. Live Nation’s stronger security measures at the campground entrance added to the delays.

Plans are underway for the Grant County Sheriff's Office to meet with Live Nation and Grant County Public Works to review alternative methods and ways to prevent this problem from happening again at future events at the Gorge Ampitheatre.

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