The Oscars are this Sunday March 12th. Every year I try to watch as many of the best picture nominees as possible. It was a much easier feat when there used to only be 5 nominations. Now every year there are 10. It can be a daunting task. I have done fairly well this year, I have seen 7 of the 10 thus far and I am hoping I will see a total of 9 before Sunday. Avatar Way of the Water will be one I won’t see because I did not make it to the theater and it is not streaming on anything yet. All Quiet On the Western Front and Tár are the 2 I am going to try and watch before the show on Sunday.

Here are my thoughts on the other 7!


Elvis: This is just my personal favorite. I love Elvis. I love the director Baz Lurman. The music, style, flow, acting and everything is so fun and great. Of all the movies on this list, this one has the most rewatch value for me.


Everything Everywhere All At Once: I would be happy with this winning because it is such a unique and cool movie. No other movie like this has ever won or even been nominated before. It would be a statement saying something young and fun can win best picture.


Women Talking: Probably the lowest budget film and the most emotional one. It won’t win, but it is worth watching. I think this movie would make a great stage play.


Top Gun - Maverick: Everyone loved this film. It was an awesome big action flick that brought a lot of people back to theaters. With that being said, does it deserve to win best picture of the year? Nah.


Triangle of Sadness: Such a bizarre and unique film. It is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I was fascinated by it. If it wins I will be happy just to have such a strange film win such a huge prize.


The Banshees of Inisherin: This a very well acted and beautifully shot film. It stands a good chance of winning. Personally, I found it incredibly boring. Meh.


The Fableman’s: Steven Spielberg’s film about himself growing up and his family. Nothing wrong with it, I just don’t understand why it is nominated for best picture. I don’t see anything special about it.

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