The median price of a home in the Wenatchee area is $539,000, up from $524,000 a year ago.

However, the year-to-date median price is $488,000, down from $500,000 a year ago, which is a drop of 2%.

The Average year to date sales price was down by 5% from $566,792 to $538,864.

New numbers from Pacific Appraisal Associates show total home sales are down 23% from a year ago, from 69 home sold to 53.

All the current figures represent activity in November of 2023.

Active listings are off 6% from the previous month and 8% from a year ago, from 161 in November of 2022 to 148 last month.

Year to date new listings are down 17% in 2023 (849) from 2022 (1029).

The average sale price of homes year to date is 97% of the listing price. The 6 Month Average was also 97%.

The largest number of homes in the past 6 months, 133 out of 404, sold for between $401,000 and $500,000. The second largest number of homes, 67, sold for between $501,000 and $600,000.

The data reflects activity in the Residential Market of single family homes and condos for the areas of Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Malaga, Orondo and Rock Island.

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