One of my fondest memories I have of growing up in Pateros/ Brewster area was the cheerleaders, and becoming one eventually really made my high school days amazing! My first experience with cheerleading, happened on the TV, watching the Oregon Trail Blazer Cheerleaders. My next experience was participating in the “Little kids cheer camp” put on by the high school cheerleaders.  

“Little Pups Cheerleading.” Will be held in Cashmere in the next week, and the smile on these excited kids' faces is just priceless. I got to tell my little one Jenna (5yrs old) that she gets to participate as well, and she gets a cool shirt for the camp as well. She says, “Mom, I’m a cheerleader now.”  

What kind of impact does “little pups cheerleading,” have on these young kids? Well for starters, for some, it’s the kids’ first time with group teamwork, and dedication to learning the cheers that, they will in turn perform for their parents during a Cashmere High School Varsity Basketball Game. Second, it builds confidence! Imagine being able to show your parents something you just learned from one of your role models! From “go team go!” to “ready girls?!” The kids learn and thrive from the older cheerleaders.  

LIttle kids cheerleading gives kids a glimpse into what it’s like to be a high school cheerleader, and if most of these kids are anything like me, it makes the “want” to be an actual cheerleader, even higher! I couldn’t wait for high school and to put a real uniform on! Go Bulldogs! Go All Teams in our Wenatchee Valley! 

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