MAV3RICK SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Dancin’ in the Country -Tyler Hubbard

Normally I would say something like, “We all know him from Florida Georgia Line…” but Tyler Hubbard has quite a few solo songs or duets with other country artists, he’s now best known as….well…just Tyler Hubbard, with even a recent number one solo song under his belt called, 5 Foot 9.

This week, we want to get your thoughts on a song I was listening to a few weeks back from said artist that I really liked called, Dancin’ in the Country…co-written with Keith Urban. Although it’s part of the his new EP by the same name, Dancin’ in the Country will also be featured on his upcoming solo album due January 27th. 

Although the song is a bit of a romantic song with a beat about a couple meeting at a crowded bar, but wanting to take their dance out in the open spaces of the country, Hubbard was actually inspired by the dance parties he and his wife would have with their three kids at home.

Well, I love the song but you be the judge this week. Can Tyler Hubbard come up with another number one song with, Dancin’ in the Country? Give it a listen this week and then call me at 509.662.5976, or Tweet us @kissin977, or text us a message on our smart phone app. Here’s when you can catch the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week: 

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