MAV3RICK SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Dates in Pickup Trucks -Kassi Ashton

I had a Kissin’ 977 listener call me the other day during my show asking if I had ever heard of this new song from Kassi Ashton called, Dates in Pickup Trucks? Of course! I love it! But I had to confess that in the beginning, I got it confused with Lainey Wilson’s two songs that have ‘truck’ in the title, wait in the truck (with Hardy), and Heart Like A Truck. In fact, there are a lot of new songs that mention truck. But I know who Ashton is, in a field of fantastic new up and comer female country artists. But it was the title that caught my attention. Like clickbait, I had to listen. And I really liked it.

Kassi Ashton has opened up for Karen Morris and has worked with the likes of Keith Urban. And with one listen to, Dates in Pickup Trucks, you can tell her inspirations have gone beyond country. Ashton says he has been inspired by Loretta Lynn and Amy Winehouse (among others).

Once diagnosed with thyroid cancer then declared cancer free months later, watching her just move forward from there as if it was something that happened to her, kinda made her a badass in my eyes. This past year, while in Key West, her long time boyfriend Travis Myatt proposed to her and Kassi of course said, “YES!”

Well, I love the song but you be the judge this week. Can Dates in Pickup Trucks by Kassi Ashton be a hit? Give it a listen this week and then call me at 509.662.5976, or Tweet us @kissin977, or text us a message on our smart phone app. Here’s when you can catch the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week: 

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