MAV3RICK SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Going Going Gone -Luke Combs

This week’s Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week is, Going Going Gone by Luke Combs. A song Combs wrote with some friends in a basement of a home in Montana. With the title Going Going Gone stuck in his head, he started coming up with a riff that was also running through his brain. He just kept playing it over and over again on his guitar, until he felt he really had something here. 

Which is nothing in usual for Luke Combs. The same thing happened while writing his hit song, What Memories Are Made Of. As he’s playing the riff over and over and over, Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit, Fast Car came to mind because of that fantastic opening of that song. Combs says he’s always loved that song. And I agree. Every time I hear just the first few cords of Fast Car, I know exactly what song it is. Luke Combs says wanted to come up with something just as powerful. 

Well, you be the judge this week. Not just about the intro of Going Going Gone, but the whole song. Does Luke Combs have another hit on his hands? Can Going Going Gone even reach the top spot like his last song, The Kind of Love We Make? Give it a listen this week and then call me at 509.662.5976, to Tweet us @kissin977, or text us a message on our smart phone app. Here’s when you can catch the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week: 

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