Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, Morgan Evans penned this song as he was dealing with his separation from his wife Kelsea Ballerini. So much for keeping things private. But when your personal pains gets written about then retweeted, and you happen to be a country artist who needs to get it off your chest…you take the emotions on your sleeves and turn it into a song. It's also a bit of therapy...even if you're not a country artist. Now, it's one thing to get it out of your system, but should it be public? That's what Morgan Evans thought.

While Morgan was performing in concert back in his home country of Australia, at the last second, he took to the piano, and instead of singing a planned song from his tour setlist, he looked out into the audience, and at that moment, he let out for the first time, Over For You. The response was overwhelming, so Morgan Evans headed into the studio with his “new way of song writing”. 

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