MAV3RICK SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK: We Got History -Mitchell Tenpenny

I love his name. Mitchell Tenpenny. Sounds like a name of a character in the Batman comic book, who we later find out is the secret identity of an arch enemy of the Dark Knight. 

It was in 2021 when Mitchell Tenpenny first officially hit the country charts with his single, Truth About You. But those in the know, know that’s been around Nashville for quite some time writing and co-writing songs for other other artists like At the End of the Bar with Chris Young. 

He’s been marked as, 'Ones to Watch', with a brand new album called, This Is the Heavy, featuring a new song called, We Got History. Which is  the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week this week. 

A story about, the one that got away. The, what might have been. The someone I used to know. The, I wonder where she is now. We’ve all been there. We can all relate. Heck, we could have written the song. I had a fantastic girlfriend in Ft. Collins, Colorado in 2005. I used to sing to her the Garth Brooks, Make You Feel My Love. I couldn’t get tickets to see Michael Bible’ in Denver for Valentine’s Day, so I bought the Michael Buble’ Live Concert on Blu-Ray, watched it on the big screen TV, in stereo, and made her dinner. I dressed up in a suit (yes wearing long pants) and her in a beautiful dress. I even thought about marriage. But she suddenly, out of the blue, called it quits. And we never spoke again. 

Likewise, Mitchell Tenpenny is very specific with his story. “Spring Break ’08 down in Pensacola. Drunk and singing, Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. I’m looking forward to seeing Michell Tenpenny as he comes to Washington this month at the Northern Quest for Resort and Casino on the 19th, and the ShowBox SoDo in Seattle on the 21st.

Now it’s time for you give We Got History a listen and let us know, is it a hit or a miss? You be the judge on the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week from Mitchell Tenpenny. Then call me at 509.662.5976, or Tweet us @kissin977, or text a message on the Kissin’ 977 smart phone app. Here’s when you can catch the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week: 

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