The Wenatchee School Board will consist of new board members after the 2023 General Election, following a new voting system and current members dropping out of the race.

Candidates had between May 15-19 to file election materials to the Chelan County Clerk.

In June of 2022, the board voted to replace their at-large voting system with four individual districts that will represent different geographic areas, along with one at-large position.

This change was made to avoid any legal conflicts with Washington State’s 2018 Voting Rights Act, which was made to ensure there was sufficient representation for historically disenfranchised demographics.

This new voting district plan would put all five seats up for election this year and potentially push one board member out if they lose a regional district election and the at-large position.

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Three board members currently sitting on the board, Board President Maria Iñiguez, Laura Jaecks, and Katherine Thomas, all reside in the 2nd District. 

Long-time board member Laura Jaecks announced that she would not run reelection this year, while Thomas chose not to file for reelection.

Despite these developments, Iñiguez will still be facing competition during this electoral race, with newcomer Randy Smith also running for her seat.

The District 4 seat is sought after by four new faces, Joe Cortez, Quintin Martin, Miranda Skalisky, and Kendra Martin.

Board member Martin Barron lives in District 3, but is running for the at-large position against Tricia Cleek and John LaCasse.

This leaves the district 3 position unopposed, with new candidate Tucker Jackson running for that seat.

Board member Julie Norton also remains unopposed in District 1.

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