Living in Wenatchee has its perks. Beautiful views, awesome people and all around just a really cool community. Heck, I booked it straight to Wenatchee after I graduated from Brewster High School back in 2008. Back then, I loved how there was even something as simple as a radio station that played music I like, and Wenatchee has SHOPPING! Like in Brewster, Naw, nothing like Wenatchee. We haven’t even touched base on the food though! MMMM Now I’m hungry.  

One thing we had and now we don’t though is Hastings. Ugh it hurts my heart to even say such a thing. I would spend hours roaming the aisles of Hastings, even just to “window shop.” I bought many books from there, picked up little movie memorabilia, and even had a nice chai tea in their café. Hastings was my go-to place to not just buy books, but also if I couldn’t sleep at night, they were open until 11pm, heck yes, I would go there and “late night explore.”  

Where do we buy a book now though since we don’t have the coveted Hastings? I have a few Ideas below.  

Ye Olde Bookshoppe its Local!!!!! 

Target, yes and they have a decent selection. 

Walmart, not as big of a selection as target, but could suffice.  

Fred Meyer, again not a huge selection, but will do.  

Listen, none of these are Hastings, or what hastings had to offer, but if you are in search of a book that you can actually hold, at least there are some options for us, and one is a local spot too! 

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