I am a fan of all things coffee, summery drinks and fun.

Starbucks has us covered, (in my opinion).


No this isn't an ad for Starbucks, it's just one fan girl to another!

Starbucks is rolling out their summer drinks!

Have you tried any yet?

The refresher looks so dang refreshing! (hahah! See what I did there?)

And it looks like your body will feel like it's swimming in goodness after the first sip! According to the instagram post at least.

Next on the Summer drink list...

Another Refresher, but this one is more on the spicy side.

I have seen a bunch of these drinks at other mom and pop coffee stands. Think Fruit with Chamoy and Tajin. Super good if you love a little kick with your sweetness.


Are the spicier drinks for a "Hot Girl Summer"? I just wanted an excuse to say "hot girl summer."

I'll tell you what, while I will try the new refresher, my go-to Starbucks order is...

A Venti Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with 2 extra shots of coffee and 3 pumps of white chocolate.

If you order this... Thank me later, trust, sooo yummy.

What's your Starbucks order?

Do you try the seasonal drinks or stick to what you know works for your tastebuds?

I cannot lie to you;

I think I love their merchandise more than the drinks. I have a problem with buying the newest tumblers and then losing them. I don't know why I lose them, just my thing apparently.

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