My wife & I entertained one of her friends from college over the weekend. Her name is Josie, and she is from New Jersey. She was very nice but did have a kind of passive-aggressive attitude about her the whole visit. Sadly, yes, it did start to get to me, I'm not proud of that fact, but it definitely added fuel to the fire that inspired me to write this. Now, I'm not one for believing or even hopping on the stereotype train, but sometimes the stereotypes are right on.

Josie from 'Joisey' (yeah, that's what she called herself, and yeah, it got old fast) hadn't been to this side of the country. So we did our part and took her on a tour of Washington, especially since each side of the mountains is drastically different from the other.

While we gave her the highs and lows of our state, I started noticing comments. I don't think any of them were really addressed toward us, but simple annoyances and observations.

It got to the point where I decided to keep mental notes. Now that she's safely back home, and I don't have a fear of "sleeping with the salmon" (yes, she thought that threat was funny), here are my notes on what People from New Jersey hate about Washington! (At least one person from NJ).

11 Things People From New Jersey Hate About Washington State

Summing up my friend from New Jersey's visit to Washington state, I hope you find these comparisons entertaining and enlightening. If you get upset, well then just "Fuhgeddaboudit".

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