Have you seen the Joro Spider?

Let's just start with that question, it's a terrifying Pittsburg Steelers mascot lookin' thing...

Before I show you this picture, I find it very Ironic that I am ever writing about this because I am absolutely terrified of Spiders, let alone this dude.

Without further a do... The Joro Spider.


Some "fun facts" about the Joro?

  • Joro spiders are an invasive species of Golden orb weaver spider that were first discovered in North Georgia in 2014. - Source
  • Since their discovery in the U.S. in 2014, the Joro spider has increased its range to areas in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee - Source
  • The adult female Joro spider is large and brilliantly colored with bright yellow and grey-blue bands and patterns on both its upper and lower abdomen. - Source


Why am I even talking about this 4 Inch Spider in relevance to WA, if it's a Northeast Species?!

While yes, New Jersey is having to brace themselves for the invasion, would Washington State ever have to? After all, they did come here via shipping containers and other means of imports from places like China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. - Source

Who's to say they couldn't land in someone's bag and be flown here to Washington?!

They parachute through the air and are not hard to miss.

I say all this to say, if you know anyone on their way to WA, and they have been around the Northeast invasion of the Joro spider, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BELONGINGS BEFORE YOU BOARD ANY MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION.

These Creepy dudes can live in basically any climate...

Don't believe me? Look.


Is The Joro Spider poisonous?

"Joro spiders are poisonous, but do not pose a danger to humans as they are typically reluctant to bite and their venom is very weak. The fangs of a Joro spider are essentially incapable of piercing or breaking human skin. Joro spiders will often only attempt to bite if they are being constrained. Science tells us that the Joro spider is not considered to be dangerous. In fact, these spiders are considered merely a nuisance to humans." Source


I did not have Joro Spiders on my 2024 Bingo Card...

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