I will just say it, I LOVE CHEESE.

So yes, my fridge is stocked with different cheeses. Seeing this recall made me go, "Wait, do I have this type?!"

Tillamook Colby Jack/Monterey Jack Cheese Slices, weighing 32 oz net, with 42 slices total per package.

"The recall was prompted by the possible presence of "foreign plastic material," according to a notice by the FDA. A piece of plastic material was detected in a 40-lb cheese block, and smaller fragments of the plastic material may be found in the cheese slices." - Source

What states were affected by this Tillamook Cheese recall?

"The states affected by the decision are Washington and Utah." - Source

Tillamook is a company based out of Oregon.

"Tillamook Executive Vice President Mike Bever advised customers who purchased the products between May 9 and May 31 to return them to their local Costco for a full refund and to "please refrain from consuming" them. However, the FDA has confirmed that the risk from consuming the product is low." - Source

For more information about the recall and the impacted states

consumers can visit the FDA's official website or contact the company's toll-free customer service line at 1-855-562-3568.

As a person who has gotten sick from food, I highly recommend looking in your fridge. You do not want to get sick or have something like a piece of plastic enter your system.


BTW, have I mentioned I love cheese? I don't think I hven enough.

I uh... LOVE CHEESE. Brie, Cheddar, Swiss, Gouda, mmm BRB, I'm gunna go to the store. K, Love You Bye.

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