I love swimming, I used to be called, "The little Mermaid," by my nana and papa growing up because well, I just wouldn't get out of the water.

I would have high-tailed my rear out of the water though if...

I swam across a snake.

I cannot stand snakes, in fact, I'm getting goosebumps just writing about them, let alone sharing a photo!


Yes, I know, I shared that photo above, it's like, I like scaring myself (no I don't though!)

What's the most common snake in Washington State?

"Northwestern garter snake, this species is the most frequently encountered snake." -Source

Ok Aly, now where would I might swim next to a snake in WA?

I know, such a terrifying thought, and is that even possible? Yes, and common.

Where though?

Lake Wenatchee -


Lake Chelan


Moses Lake

Have you come across any slithering snakes while swimming?

Can a Snake still bite you while swimming?

"Yes. Snakes can open their mouths and bite if provoked underwater." - Source

I don't know why I needed a source to tell me that terrifying info but here we are.

While yes, it's a possiblility to be swimming next to or with a snake in Moses Lake, Lake Wenatchee and even Lake Chelan, you will most likely be next to a harmless Garter Snake.

Garter Snake, rattle snake, if the world Snake is associated with anything, nope.

I guess I will be spending my summers on the shore.

Wait.. They slither on land too! Dang it, I'm moving.


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