The years long murder case of a 72-year-old Rock Island man is taking another twist as his defense tries to get the litigation before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The move by Ului Teulilo comes less than three months after the Washington State Supreme Court rejected his argument that police improperly entered his home to find his wife dead.

Douglas County Superior Court Judge Brian Huber cancelled a Thursday hearing for Teulilo so his attorney to continue preparing a U.S. High Court case.

Teulilo is accused of shooting and killing his wife, 68-year-old Peggy Teulilo, in 2018.

The Washington Supreme Court had intervened in Teulilo'ds case to decide whether Washington's law allowing for searches without a warrant in certain cases is still valid after a U.S. Supreme Court decision from last year.

Washington's law allows for warrantless searches if there's a need of immediate emergency assistance.

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded in the 4th Amendment Caniglia v. Strom case that a provision allowing for the searches was not justified.

The 4th Amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government.

Teulilo’s attorneys argued the state’s claim is undermined by the federal decision in Caniglia, which eliminated the community caretaker doctrine as a standalone justification for warrantless entries into a home.

The welfare check entry into Teulilo's home was based on a “community caretaking” check for Mrs. Teulilo.

But the state high court disagreed, pointing out that any exception to the community caretaker doctrine must be balanced against the public interest in having the police investigate.

The Supreme Court sent the case back to Douglas County. Judge Huber has rescheduled Teulilo's next hearing there Sept. 28.

Meantime, it's not known whether the U.S. Supreme Court will agree to hear the case.

Teulilo remains locked up in the Chelan County jail.

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