Seems like every year, at least in Washington State, we anticipate a hot summer.

Are we very far off to prepare for that this summer?

"A summer that's maybe a degree or two on the warm side, in the mean (average), nothing extreme," - Washington State Climatologist Nick Bond (Source)


A Slightly warmer summer that average huh. What does that look like?

While we may have "warmer than normal" temperatures, it doesn't seem to be tipped any sort of heat scale.

"Our snowpack is definitely lower than normal. With the warm weather on our way, too, there's going to be kind of an early start to the landscape drying out. But on the other hand, maybe not an extreme summer in any way. ... What we have to wait and see about is the windstorms that are always accompanying really big (wild)fires. We can't forecast those ahead of time." Source

What can we do to stay cool?

Well, I am so glad you asked!

Tips on Staying Cool In Washington State

While some of these might seem obvious, they are always a good reminder :).

Gallery Credit: Aly

Summer Heat, Eats and Fun.

Let's enjoy the great outdoors this Summer in Washington State. We have beautiful lakes, rivers, hiking trails and one of a kind spots to visit like the treehouses you can rent to stay in. Really, the possibilities are endless, and as long as you stay hydrated, you should be ok!

Maybe you want other ways to stay hydrated. We got you covered there too.

Don't Like Drinking Water? (Boring) Here are Some Alternatives!

We found the top 5 Nutritionist recommended alternatives to drinking plain water.

Gallery Credit: Aly

I tell you what, stick with us and you'll have a fantastic summer! You're Welcome.

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