Let's have some fun this summer!

Washington State is full of outdoor adventure, scenic routes, sights to be seen and food to be ate!

Do you want to go to small towns? What about visit the big cities and explore places like the Space Needle. Well, Washington State is the state for you!

Are you a tourist? Want some great advice? Here you go...

The 7 Best Tourist Tips for a Washington State Vacay

Washington State is home to many beautiful sights, attractions, and people! Want to explore the best way? Make sure to follow these tips!

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Now, let's explore those parks!

National Parks of Washington State

Washington State is home to 15 National Parks managed by the National Park Service. You might be surprised to know what some of these parks are!

Note: As one park site is sacred to the Nez Perce and discourages visitors, we have excluded it from the list below. Please respect all historic sites you may visit.

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Maybe you want to take a long drive and see some of the most breathtaking sights, we have you covered there too...

BEAUTIFUL: These Are the Best Scenic Drives in Washington

It's time to hit the road—Stacker compiled a list of the best scenic drives in Washington using data from Tripadvisor as of March 2024.

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Life's about exploring and learning

Explore and learn all about Washington State, and it's never-ending Beauty.

Maybe you don't want to seem like a tourist, I get that.

Washingtonians can spot a tourist a mile away...

So! Let's be non-tourists, tourists!

Non-Tourist, Tourist Activities in Washington State

Because sometimes we just want an experience that not everyone else has.

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There are some ghost towns to explore as well!

Why not a spooky adventure. To be completely honest, I'll go to scary places, I'll watch murder mysteries but for some weird reason, I refuse to watch "fake" scary movies. I know, I'm weird.

8 Lost Ghost Towns in Washington

Looking to see a piece of history? Pack up for a road trip and check out these Washington ghost towns.

Gallery Credit: Rik Mikals

Ok, I feel like I have gotten you pretty well and set up for at leat a couple epic adventures. Now get out and explore, Heck, you may even find some rad places not even mentioned on the lists! How fun! Drive safe and bring a friend or at least have a rockin playlist to get you from a to b to c.

23 Things Banned from Washington & Idaho Trash Cans

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Tips on Staying Cool In Washington State

While some of these might seem obvious, they are always a good reminder :).

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