What Town In Washington State Gets The Most Inches Of Snow During Winter

I know what you're thinking. The obvious answer to the town that gets the most snow in Washington State has you thinking it's Leavenworth Washington but surprisingly it's a town closer to Tri-Cities.

Photo by Clayton Elliot on Unsplash
Photo by Clayton Elliot on Unsplash

Spokane Is 4th On Our List Of Towns That Get The Most Snowfall

In a listing from homesnacks.com, the top 10 towns for the most snowfall included several near Tri-Cities.

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As expected, Spokane was 4th on the list with the most annual snowfall at 44.9 inches. Spokane County came in 3rd at 45.1 and Airway Heights at #2 (next to Spokane) at 48.5 inches.

Businessman in a Cold Office with Snow and Ice

As a true Washingtonian, I do have to say the Spokane area hasn't been on my list to move to because of all of the snow but my wife would move there in a heartbeat because she loves snow.

Leavenworth Washington Didn't Make The List Of Most Snowfall In Washington

So you ask who gets the honor of being the snowiest town in Washington State? 

Mead, Washington is a small town located in the northeastern part of the state and is considered a suburb of Spokane. While it is not the largest town in Washington at 7,275, it does receive the most snowfall each year.

Man shoveling snow close up. Man cleaning snow from sidewalk in front of house.

On average, Mead receives about fifty inches of snow each winter. This is more than any other town in Washington State.

Despite the heavy snowfall, Mead is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. With its quaint shops and charming cafes, it's the perfect place to enjoy a winter wonderland.

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