Well, here we go with a fresh new list of the five most liked songs of the week for the Wenatchee Valley! All thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977. Keep them coming! 

Kickin’ things off is new country artist that we just featured as the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week a few weeks back. We saw this growing quickly since. At number 5 is Megan Moroney with her song that caused a few people to raise their eyebrow at first listen, wondering what horrible sin did she commit? But within a couple minutes of the song, Tennessee Orange, we got the joke. With her father a Georgia Bulldog fan, she has fallen in love with a guy who’s a Tennessee fan. In fact, she’s wearing his Tennessee Orange sweatshirt. And if you haven’t heard yet…she’s singing about Morgan Wallen. Are they a couple? They’re mum on the relationship. 

Speaking of orange, at number four, it’s the former number one from Zach Bryan, Something in the Orange. Listeners of Kissin’ 977 are lovin’ this  song so much, not only was it one of the hottest songs of 2022, this powerful tune is set to be one of the hottest songs of 2023. And by the looks of it, Zach Bryan could be one of the hottest new country artists for 2023 as well, with some fantastic songs ready to get some airplay on Kissin’ 977. 

Well, this caught us off guard a bit. Last week Megan Moroney’s affection Morgan Wallen was number one. But this week, slipped down to number three with, Thought You Should Know. By the way, did you notice that both Morgan Wallen and Megan Moroney are singing songs about how they are either writing or calling their moms? Hummm. Come on guys. Just tell us that you’re boyfriend and girlfriend already. 

Bailey Zimmerman is going strong this week on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 with new country called, Rock and a Hard Place. This is Zimmerman’s follow up to his song, Fall in Love, which was number one on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 16 times! In fact, Fall in Love was voted by Kissin’ 977 listeners as their number one song of 2022. And we could see Zimmerman’s latest go to #1. We’ll see. 

Now here’s  the big surprise this week. What happened to Watershed Artist Lainey Wilson’s, Heart Like a Truck? It fell off the Friday Drive@Five Top 5. Well, not by much. It only slipped to number 6 this week. But still! Well, at least Lainey Wilson is back in the number one spot this week with her duet with HARDY, wait in the truck. 

Thank you again for all the requests coming into the Kissin’ Booth at 509.662.5976, text messages via our Kissin’ 977 app, Tweets @kissin977, and even with Facebook messages. We'll start from scratch and build a new list for you, for the next Friday Drive@Five Top 5.

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