The Wenatchee Valley is a great place to hike, trail run, mountain bike or road bike. We have to thank the Central Washington chapter of Evergreen Bike Alliance for our well maintained trails. I’ve compared the single-track in our area to an amusement park ride at Disneyland. I don’t take for granted that we live so close to great world class trails.

I wish we had a program that taught me how ride a mountain bike when I was a kid. Today, we have just that. 

The Wenatchee Valley Devo youth mountain biking program for 6th to 12th grade students, has set out to teach and encourage the next generation of this great sport.

The Wenatchee Valley Devo helps kids: 

  • To ride and build their trail skills.
  • Build student leadership opportunities
  • Connect with other students and parents across our state to race. The Devo program allows kids to choose their level of competitive and noncompetitive pursuits.
  • Through competent and accredited coaches, who are trained, screened and monitored. Coaches share their knowledge and pass it along to our kids to enjoy a lifetime of riding - and grit.

The Washington Student Cycling League, that the Wenatchee Valley Devo is a part of,  had nearly 1,000 students participate, across 48 teams, Statewide. 

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Local longtime mountain bike pro and Ridge Cyclesport owner, Evan Plews recommends The Wenatchee Valley Devo program:

These coaches and kids take mountain biking to another level!


Here are some links to learn more and get your child involved with the Devo program in Wenatchee, or anywhere here in the State of Washington: 

Wenatchee Valley Devo program contact info: or Email head coach Rob Hansen:
To find a Washington State Youth Devo program near you: Click this link

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