“Wanna do our hair and makeup and pose for pictures?” I mean if you haven’t had that conversation before, then I guess you and I aren’t friends hahaha, I mean that with all love. To know me is to know I love a good selfie! Not to sound so “about myself,” but I do like posing and “lookin' cute” for photos, so yes, sometimes I will look at my peoples and ask them, “Wanna get cute n take pics?!” Call it boredom, call it self-absorbed, I call it fun! And now that we have “gotten cute,” let’s go find the perfect back drop, which is easy to do in this valley!  

Aly’s top places to visit for photos!  

Badger Mountain: Just right above Fancher Heights in East Wenatchee, is a really pretty plateau and scenic drive that leads you to to wonderful town of Waterville. Along the way, it doesn’t matter what time of year, the views are breathtaking! See all of Wenatchee in one photo, just find a nice spot along the road clear of oncoming traffic and start snapping.  

Burch Mountain: I have seen many couple photos from this area. You get the best of both Wenatchee and East Wenatchee in one photo, and the majestic Columbia River. The Cascade mountains in the shot as well. Make sure to have a decent rig to get up there, and please do not trespass, the views are worth it, but not worth getting in trouble for.  

Wenatchee Heights: Go explore the Wenatchee Heights area and possible (in the wintertime) run into snowmobilers, or wildlife (any time), so watch your surroundings, but capture the most beautiful forest(y) backdrop this valley has to offer! If you go on a sunny day, woah! Even better! The sun can just fall between the trees and set the scene.  

Columbia River: go along the bank, any riverbank! I especially love the trees down by Linden Tree here in Wenatchee, really makes the photos feel and look cool! 

Wherever you choose to go, Smile, have fun and be you!  

*Also, helpful smile tip, even if you pretend, laugh a little right before the shot it taken and your whole face will match the smile. Your eyes will sparkle, and your shot will look genuine!  

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