Amtrak, when was the last time you took a train ride?

Have you ever? If not, oh do I recommend!

I've taken the Amtrak twice now, and both experiences were top notch.

From the spacious seating to the food, honestly, it both times were great experiences.




Much better... Anyways...

What's it like to ride the Amtrak in Washington State?

Let's start with boarding. Both times I've gotten on an Amtrak train, I've left from Wenatchee WA, and went to Seattle WA. About a 4ish hour-long ride with views, you could only dream of!

The Views are unlike anything you will EVER see from the main highways.

Waterfalls (depending on the time of year you travel), Luscious greenery, small towns to pass through, and wildlife if you are looking.

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One really cool feature you pass through is The Cascade Tunnel.

"Cascade Tunnel, the longest railroad tunnel in the United States, located in central Washington about 60 miles (100 km) east of Seattle." - Source

It takes about 15 mins to get through the entire tunnel.

NOT one you want to hold your breath for.

Let's get down to what we really want to know about. The Food

The Dining cart is super cool, think a small diner, on wheels. I was able to have breakfast on the train, which was an omelet with potatoes. So good, I was not expecting the seasoned potatoes, and it was a nice little add on to the plate.

While dinner on the train was handled a bit differently than when Breakfast was served, my party and I opted for the hotdogs and chips to tide us over until we got back to Wenatchee.

Should you take the train to any destination in WA?

I would say yes, more room for your legs, you can sit back and relax, no worries about gas. Just get the tickets, hop on and go! I highly recommend, especially with little kids, those trips will be the ones they remember for the rest of their lives.

Thinking about taking the train? Here's more info below!

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