No, unfortunately this is not clickbait.

Rue 21 is set to close all of their 543 US Store locations.

That includes our East Wenatchee Location sadly. The Moses Lake store has already closed it's doors.


Rue 21 was one of the first stores I shopped at when I moved out of my parents' house. I felt I was able to afford fashion and still be able to budget.

But sadly, those days are coming to an end.

Rue 21 has Filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (source)

"This is not the first time the retailer based in Warrendale, Pennsylvania has filed for bankruptcy, previously filing in 2003 and 2017, when it closed 400 stores and cut about $700 million in debt. Reuters reported that rue21 currently has approximately 4,900 employees and $194.4 million in debt." - According to USA Today

Founded in 1970 under the name Pennsylvania Fashions Inc.

They have previously filed for Bankruptcy before.

rue21 tried to sell its business but could not find a buyer willing to pay more than it would earn by liquidating its inventory and shutting down stores - Source


What's sad to me, is that I knew/know people who work for the company, and it hurts my heart to see them have to find a new job/career. Yes, I said Career. Not all retail stores are for high school hire Ons. Some of the positions held were top notch and very valuable to their way of life.

Cheers to Rue 21 and thank you for all your years of Easy, Fun Fashion.

Bright side? With the stores closing, this means HUGE SALES. So, get out to a Rue 21 one last time and SAVE MAJORLY on their liquidation sales.

When should we expect to have the locations officially closed?

"They will close within the next 4 to 6 weeks and “going out of business” sales are beginning soon. The company will also sell its brand name and other intellectual property." - Source

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