COUNTRY TOP 30 -January 21, 2023

Every Saturday morning from 6am-10am, wake up with Bobby Bones as he counts up the hottest songs in the country with the Country Top 30. You can also catch it again Sunday nights from 7pm-11pm on Kissin’ 977. 

This week the number was invenable. We saw this one slowly climb the national charts as well as our own Friday Drive@Five Top 5. Although it only got to number two for us on Kissin’ 977, Jordan Davis’ What My World Spins Around did finally reach the top spot in the US. The song is what many say is simply a Jordan Davis signature sound that once again delivers. 

A simple love song that he wrote with Ryan Hurd (Maren Morris’ husband) and Matt Dragstrem, about the changes that ensued in his life since his marriage and then having kids. Davis says, “The things that my world revolved around were sports, football, huntin’ and fishing. That was priority number one in everything. When me and Kristen had just started dating, it was music that probably took priority sometimes.”, he shared. Now of course, his world revolves around his family. 

And what perfect timing, as What My World Spins Around becomes number one just before his new album, Bluebird Days come out on February 17th.

We’ll find out next week if Jordan Davis can hold on to the number spot in the US with the Country Top 30 with Bobby Bones, who has Kane Brown stopping by, Saturday morning and then again Sunday night on Kissin’ 977.

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