Once again, Americans will be able to attain FREE at-home Covid-19 tests.

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On Wednesday, it was announced by the Biden Administration that $600 million in funding was issued to a dozen coronavirus test manufacturers to produce new at-home Covid-19 tests. This is due to the latest uptick in covid cases and free testing no longer widely available. These tests are able to detect the latest variants and are intended for use through the end of the year.

When will the tests be available to order?

Florida's Broward County Hands Out Free At-Home COVID Rapid Test Kits
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Starting September 25th, people can request up to 4 FREE tests per household at COVIDTests.gov. The no-cost tests will be delivered FREE by the United States Postal Service starting October 2nd. The manufacturers have been awarded funding to produce 200-million over-the-counter tests for government use and to meet the demand for online orders. Public health officials still stress that vaccination is the best way to protect yourself.

When should you take a COVID-19 test?

According to the CDC, if you've been exposed to a person with Covid-19, or if you have symptoms, take the test. People with COVID-19 can experience a range of symptoms including, but not limited to a sore throat, congestion or runny nose, and muscle aches.

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Recently a of mine friend purchased a COVID-19 test at a local drug store. It wasn't cheap. The box contained two tests for about $23. Starting Monday, you can order four FREE COVID-19 tests online at COVIDTests.gov.

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