The Grunge Era... The Seattle Sound, the Nirvana Days, the “What the Heck Are You Listening to” from parents. I was just a tot, in the eyes of music when this era rocked our world. Proud to say I got to listen to a ton of different bands from that time because well, my mom was fresh out of high school and in her “prime” of music listening, and coming from Washington State, of course she would be on the Grunge scene.  

Grunge wasn’t just a musical era; it was all that embodied someone. From style of clothes, how nails were painted only to be chipped, wallet chains, doc martins, converse and lifestyles of the young and reckless.  

Wherever you were, you would not escape the sounds of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bush, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Silverchair and so so so many more, in fact, more even today that have roots from the “old grunge” like the Foo Fighters. You would even hear the occasional “I don’t like Nirvana cause they “” sold out”” “I only dig the more underground stuff, that’s real grunge!”  

What’s grunge to me though? A 33yr old millennial with only a brief encounter with the true “Grunge Days.” Well, being born in Renton Washington, and living in and around the Seattle area until I was about 3, to then moving to the eastern side of Washington State, my mom didn’t change her style of listening, so I got to continue to hear and sing, getting into my later years of school, and hearing the newest hits of “today,” the Seattle sound kind of drifted, but not within my soul. You can play a Pearl Jam song and I will instantly start swaying, singing, humming, smiling. Same with Nirvana and Mother Love Bone. It’s almost a feeling of comfort and definitely a nostalgic rememberance. While I didn’t have the experience of those who were young adults or even one that could drive back then, it’s the sound that brings me back into feeling like “home.” Raspy half drunk or fully drunk voices, guitars smashed, torn band shirts and pure entertainment. The “Seattle Sound,” or “The Grunge Era.” will always have a special place in my heart.  

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