Himiko Cloud pronounced “Him-meek-oh" Cloud is a local Wenatchee Instrumental Band. I got to speak with Kyle Folden (guitarist) about the group and gained some pretty cool insight! 

Aly: Where did the name “Himiko Cloud” come from? 

Kyle: I’m really into Galaxies and I came across the Galaxy name, Himiko Cloud, I guess it was the largest galaxy discovered at the time, and I really liked the name of it so I got a hold of Jacob (drummer) and said, “this is our band name!” 

Aly: Speaking of bandmates, who is all in the band? 

Kyle: Me, Kyle on Guitar, Jacob Hansen on Drums and Connor McKay on Bass Guitar. 

Aly: How long have y’all been together as a group? 

Kyle: Connor joined the band in 2018, but technically it was Jacob and I back in 2017 

Aly: Now, you guys just got back from touring the west coast, who was that with? 

Kyle: I gotta shoutout these guys! The Fall of Troy, Strawberry Girls, and The Color 8.  

Aly: What are you looking forward to in the future for the band? 

Kyle: Really looking forward to new music. We don’t have any shows lined up at the moment, so we are enjoying a little bit of a break while we write more music. 

Aly: What are some songs that someone new to listening to you might enjoy? 

Kyle: The crowd favorites seem to be “Terrestrial” and “Sun Sloth,” the cool thing about being an instrumental band, we kind of just make up the names of the songs as we go.  

Himiko Cloud has played at Wally’s Tavern, here in Wenatchee WA multiple times, which Kyle calls “Home base.”  

I will add, in listening to their sound, I'm delightfully entertained by all the different riffs and beats. Something you will want to play on a morning drive, road trip, or even just jamming at home! They let you get out of your head and just submerse yourself in the music. Thank you, Himiko Cloud, for giving the valley and world the taste of your musical gifts!

“To everyone who has supported us along the way, thank you so much. Much Love from Himiko Cloud!” -Kyle Folden 


Where to check out Himiko Cloud:

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