East Wenatchee workers are rallying behind an 11-year-old girl who is once again battling leukemia after overcoming the form of cancer two years ago.

A new Instagram video features East Wenatchee Police, city employees and Lee Elementary School Principal Jamea Connor sending well wishes to Delaia Hernandez.

Hernandez was honored at this year's Apple Blossom Festival Chief For A Day ceremony for chronically ill and disabled children.

She’s now receiving treatment in Spokane after first being diagnosed with leukemia at age six.

Eastmont School District Resource Officer Ivy Jacobsen has also set up a GoFundMe page for Hernadez to help with medical bills as well as unexpected costs for gas, food and lodging.

Jacobson said, "This has been a huge interruption for (Hernandez) and her family who have been traveling to see her and staying in lodging as they can make do...Let's lift her and her family up during this difficult time."

Delaia is the second oldest sibling of four children in a family of six.

The GoFundMe effort includes #DelaiaStrong

Hernandez was one of seven children with health challenges to be introduced on the entertainment stage at the Apple Blossom Festival Chief For A Day ceremony on April 27.

She appeared with East Wenatchee Police Chief Ric Johnson. Sheriffs, Chiefs and Captains took part in the ceremony, including Washington State Patrol Chief John Batiste.

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