Something really cool takes place in the Wenatchee Valley, once a year. It’s something that highlights local businesses in and around the Wenatchee Valley, what could it be?? 

Wenatchee World’s, Worlds Best! 

Nominations are until March 26th, 2023. Voting begins April 19th,2023. 

Businesses that win “World’s Best” are highlighted by the local people who have taken the time to vote for their favorite gift shop, chiropractor, toy store, and even, Best Radio Station. Banners get made for the different winners, and “bragging rights” (humbly of course). Remember this is a vote by the people, making it highly respectable, and helps highlight companies that just plain rock. Just to be nominated is a really cool feeling. It’s like, “Hey! Someone noticed us!” 

Want your favorite company or service to win? Nominate/Vote!  

KW3, for instance has won “Wenatchee’s World's Best Radio Station,” as well as The Quake 102.1 in previous years. That win, is felt all year round and is never taken for granted. It’s an honor to be loved by the community, heck to even be considered! 

A previous job of mine, Hooked on Toys, has won for “Best Sporting Good’s Store,” and “Best Toy Store,” year after year. When I was working for the company, I was able to assist in attending the “Wenatchee World’s, Worlds Best Award Ceremony.” And I really have to give it up to the Wenatchee World, in how they treat all the companies, the food served, the laughs and communal feel. Super fun, exciting and it just makes you feel special. 

The Most special though is, You. You read this, you vote, and you frequent all the businesses around and outside of the Wenatchee Valley. Thank you. 

Click here to Nominate! 


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