Yay, it's that time of year again to celebrate the Fathers in our lives!

Father's Day 2024 is Sunday, June 16th.

Have you already started to get your wheels spinning as to what to gift him? Maybe you are just even trying to come up with ideas!


I want to first take a second to Thank the dads in our lives.

From the corny jokes to the ever need to protect us, thank you for being our dad, and thank you for being your silly self!

We don't have to be biologically theirs to receive the upmost care and love. They are our superheroes, our Mr. fix it Alls, and most importantly, Our Dad.

Now, what should we get him??

What Dad Wants For Father's Day 2024

What does dad actually want? Well, I asked the fathers in my life that I know, this is what they came up with.

Gallery Credit: Aly

I remember one year, my little brother and I got together with our dad and played badminton for a few hours, such a great memory and time spent together. I'll never forget the Smile on my dads face watching all of us together, playing and laughing. Kinda of makes me tear up. You'll understand more about us by clicking here.

Happy Father's Day to you and yours.

From sleepless nights, long working hour days to laughing at all the time spend together, and memories made. Thank you, Dads. I don't know what we would do without the corny jokes and great advice. You teach us the value of life as well as the way to make moms eyes roll. Kidding... Kinda. But honestly, without dads, we wouldn't be here. Literally... That was my poor attempt at a dad joke. Hahaha Dad, I hope you still love me

Country Song Lyrics as Father's Day Cards

Like so many other moments in our lives, country music is giving us the words to express how we feel. Because of its authenticity, he genre is filled with songs that seem to perfectly emulate the very emotions were feeling.

Father's Day is no different. If you're having trouble finding the words for dad's card this year, maybe using these lines will help. Or you can just send the song to dad with a note telling him how the song remind you of him.

Keep scrolling to see some country lyrics that could double as Father's Day cards.

12 Perfect Movies to Watch on Father's Day

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