FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5:  For the Year 2022

This week we take a break from counting up the top 5 most liked songs of the week, to present the top 5 most liked songs of 2022, all thanks to your requests.  And we noticed a trend with this top 5, all these artists are relatively new artists and/or up and comers.

We kick things off with our current number one most liked song, that has been in and out of the number one spot for a couple of months now, and we expect to see Zach Bryan’s Something in the Orange to continue to be in the top 5 for for the first few weeks in 2023. And, being one of the hottest new artists of 2022, we expect to to hear more new country from Zach in the new year and beyond. In the meantime, enjoy his new live album just released called, All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster. 

Luke Combs has been a round for a few years, but his style of new country has pathed the way for some of these new country artists. And we loved his uptempo country like, The Kind of Love We Make at number 4. And Combs had more than his chart topping songs to celebrate this year. He and wife Nicole welcomed their new baby boy back in July. 

Coming in at number three, a guy who has been in all over the news for comments he made while drunk that was caught on video. But 2022 was a year of redemption and forgiveness for Morgan Wallen. By the time Wallen appeared at Watershed, his raising star started to shine again with multiple songs hitting the charts, both solo songs and duets. In fact, there was a couple of weeks on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 during the summer of 2022 where 4 out of the 5 songs were Morgan Wallen songs. Wasted On You was another song this year that spent over 10 weeks at number one here in Wenatchee. And Morgan Wallen still has a lot of great songs off his 2021 double album, Dangerous, and his new single called, Thought You Should Know that is currently a to 5 song on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5. 

Although Cody Johnson has been around since 2009-ish, at number two,  a song that really put him on the map, ’Til You Can’t. This former bull rider, lives the lifestyle, and there’s even a documentary about him called, Dear Rodeo: The Cody Johnson Story. 

And finally, at number one! A new country artist that blew up in 2022. Bailey Zimmerman’s Fall In Love was number one on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 16 times! 13 times in a row! And like many of the new artists that showing up the staple country artists, we have not heard the of Bailey Zimmerman. In fact he currently has another song on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 right now called, Rock and a Hard Place. Zimmerman is another one of those artists who just started posting his music on TikTok. Then suddenly not just country music fans took notice. Listen to his recently release album, Leave the Light On, and see if you can pick out more possible new country hits. 

There ya go! You five most liked songs of the year, 2022. We start fresh next week with the first top 50 songs for the year 2023, based on your request. Keep them coming by tweeting us @kissin977, text us using the Kissin’ 977 app, message us on Facebook, or call 509.662.5976.

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