FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5:  January 13, 2023

Well, here we go with a fresh new list of the five most liked songs of the week, to kick off the new year of 2023! All thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977. Keep them coming! 

Well, it was bound to happen. Something in the Orange, one of the biggest songs of 2022, has finally dropped out of the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 after being not just number one for several weeks, but has been in the Top 5 for months. But as mentioned before, we have not heard the last of Zach Bryan. He’s got several songs that people are lovin’ on Spotify, and even getting some major likes via Shazam with songs like, Tishomingo, Motorcycle Drive By, The Good I’ll Do, and Summertime Blues. Which one of these will pop up into the Friday Drive@Five next on Kissin’ 977? It’s all up to you! 

Getting things kicked off and entering into our Top 5 this week is song that was number on Bobby Bones’ Country Top 30 last week. Down Home by Jimmie Allen. Sure he’s big in country with other number one hits like Best Shot, Make Me Want To, Freedom Was a Highway (with Brad Paisley), but he’s been heard on pop stations with songs like, This Is Us with Noah Cyrus. 

Most people never knew that Jimmie Allen actually auditioned for American Idol during season 10, but never made it past the live voting rounds. When he moved to Nashville trying to make it in country music, he lived in his car, experiencing poverty. But he was determined to get heard. 

Last week talked about yo-yo songs on the Friday Drive@Five, and here we go again with Hardy + Lainey Wilson’s story telling song, wait in the truck. It has slipped from number one to number four this week. Don’t shed a tear for Lainey Wilson. Because Lainey Wilson has replaced herself in the top spot with her song, Heart Like a Truck. Of course we all saw this coming. Lainey Wilson is a superstar now, and like Bailey Zimmerman, she’s got quite a few songs already cued up to be played on Kissin’ 977.

I know I got a head of myself here with talking about number one already, but Morgan Wallen is at number three this week. Story telling comes easy to Morgan Wallen…even if it’s not easy to write with such honestly but his real life. Thought You Should Know was written after all the craziness in his life in the past couple of years. And boy, although we are all going through different trials in our lives, even us average Joes and Janes can relate to his words.

And then we have Jordan Davis quietly rising up to number two with What My World Spins Around. Sometimes I think Jordan Davis doesn't get the love that some of the others on the Friday Drive@Five 5 does. And how is that even possible? His songs always seem to reach the top spots and we say, "Cool." Perhaps it's just a low profile on his part, but if his new album, Bluebird Days is as good as What My World Spins Around (which will on the album coming out on February 17th), the Kissin' 977 listeners are gonna be heard whispering, "Very cool!"

Thank you again for all the requests coming into the Kissin’ Booth at 509.662.5976, text messages via our Kissin’ 977 app, Tweets @kissin977, and even with Facebook messages. We'll start from scratch and build a new list for you next Friday!

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