FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5:  January 20, 2023

Well, here we go with a fresh new list of the top five most liked songs of the week, all thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977, via the request lines, tweets, facebook messages, and text messages using our smartphone app. Keep them coming! 

The subject of Megan Moroney’s Tennessee Orange is at number five this week. That’s right. The song is about none other than Morgan Wallen. Story telling comes easy to Morgan Wallen…even if it’s not easy to write with such honestly but his real life. Thought You Should Know was written after all the craziness in his life in the past couple of years. And boy, although we are all going through different trials in our lives, even us average Joes and Janes can relate to his words. 

As predicted, Bailey Zimmerman is back on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 with new country called, Rock and a Hard Place. This is Zimmerman’s follow up to his song, Fall in Love, which was number one on the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 16 times! In fact, Fall in Love was voted by Kissin’ 977 listeners as their number one song of 2022.

“Don’t kick Zach Bryan off the Friday Drive@Five Top 5 just yet!” is what Kissin’ 977 listeners said this week, as Zach Bryan returns with a lot of requests to being it back up to number 3 this week. And it doesn’t surprise me, as this was one of the biggest songs of 2022, and I expect that if Something in the Orange continues to get the requests it’s getting in the first quarter of 2023, it’s gonna be one of the biggest country tunes of 2023 as well. 

Last week we talked about yo-yo songs on the Friday Drive@Five, and here we go again with Hardy + Lainey Wilson’s story telling song, wait in the truck, once again returned to the number one spot, bumping off Lainey Wilson’s other song, Heart Like a Truck. 

Thank you again for all the requests coming into the Kissin’ Booth at 509.662.5976, text messages via our Kissin’ 977 app, Tweets @kissin977, and even with Facebook messages. We'll start from scratch and build a new list for you next Friday!

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