FRIDAY DRIVE@FIVE TOP 5:  January 6, 2023

Well, here we go with a fresh new list of the five most liked songs of the week, to kick off the new year of 2023! All thanks to the requests from the listeners of Kissin’ 977. Keep them coming! 

Well, it was bound to happen. Something in the Orange, one of the biggest songs of 2022, hanging out in the number one spot off and on for a few months has slipped to number 5 this week. But as mentioned before, we have not heard the last of Zach Bryan. He’s got several songs that people are lovin’ on Spotify, and even getting some major likes via Shazam with songs like, Tishomingo, Motorcycle Drive By, The Good I’ll Do, and Summertime Blues. Which one of these will pop up into the Friday Drive@Five next on Kissin’ 977? It’s all up to you! 

Speaking of more to come in the year 2023, is Morgan Wallen at number four this week. Story telling comes easy…even if it’s not easy to write with such honestly. Thought You Should Know was written after all the craziness in his life in the past couple of years. And another one where the listener can relate on some level.

Lainey Wilson has broken away from impersonating Miley Cyrus’ Hanna Montana a a young kid, to setting the stage to shine even brighter with the number three most liked song of the week, Heart Like A Truck. Maybe Lainey Wilson and Miley Cyrus can do a duet soon?! Everyone is loving Miley’s return to country music, especially with her recent team up with Dolly Parton.

Well, just like a yo-yo, Jordan Davis has jumped back up again to th number two spot on the Friday Drive@Five with What My World Spins Around. 

And speaking of yo-yos, a song that has been in and out of the number one position for a few weeks, is back in the top spot. It’s Lainey Wilson again with Hardy with, wait in the truck.

Thank you again for all the requests coming into the Kissin’ Booth at 509.662.5976, text messages via our Kissin’ 977 app, Tweets @kissin977, and even with Facebook messages. We'll start from scratch and build a new list for you next Friday!

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