Drums will play and hips will sway during East Wenatchee's newest event, Havana Nights!

East Wenatchee Events Director Trina Elmes is planning the summer evening event on Saturday, August 12th from 5pm to 10pm in the 800 block of downtown.

Elmes says get ready to mambo, cha-cha and salsa to live Cuban music while strolling  Valley Mall Parkway.

Clearwater will have a offer beer garden, food trucks will cater to hungry attendees and enjoy hand rolled cigars, of course!

Tying in the Havana Nights theme, pre-1960 vehicles will be displayed up and down the block.  Cuba is essentially a living museum for classis cars today after the U.S. embargo was enacted after the Cuban revolution and Castro banned American auto imports. Those interested in entering a pre-1960's vehicle are encouraged to use this application.

Elmes says the idea for Havana Nights sprang from conversations with the owners of the Clearwater in East Wenatchee and plans have been in the works for several months.

Two of the top Cuban music bands have been hired to perform live throughout the evening starting at 5pm and Elmes says some mambo and salsa dancers will be demonstrating the basic steps so everybody can join in the fun.

Awards for about a dozen categories will be given out for pre-1960 vehicles on display and Elmes anticipates about 100 on display for Havana Nights.

So start practicing to those Cuban rhythms and get ready for Havana Nights in downtown East Wenatchee.

For more information, visit the East Wenatchee event page 

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