While this particular insect can be found in the more southern regions of Washington State, finding this guy even further North though, that's concerning.

Have you ever heard of the Bark Beetle?

this Tree-Killing Bark Beetle has been around California for many years. This bug has been tracked for many years as well, as to where it will migrate.

Bothel, WA. None too pleased to have discovered this visitor.


Listen, I don't make the news, I just deliver it.

What is a "Tree-Killing Bark Beetle?"

"Bark beetles are small (< ¼ inch), hard bodied beetles that bore through the protective bark of a tree to lay their eggs in the moist phloem (inner bark). " Source


Yes, that picture above is a Bark Beetle. Gross.

How exactly do these Bark Beetles kill trees though?

"When, where, and the extent to which mortality occurs is primarily influenced by forest stand and drought conditions. A dramatic rise in the number of dead trees follows one to several years of inadequate precipitation. The more severe and prolonged the drought, the greater number of dead trees. Dense groups of trees are particularly susceptible to bark beetle attacks due to stress caused by competition for limited resources. Stressed trees equate to suitable host material for bark beetles and successful reproduction results in more beetles and higher levels of tree mortality." - Source

What do we do about the insect moving up Washington State?

"There wouldn't be any sense to try and get rid of them, push them back to Oregon somehow, that's not going to happen,” Department of Natural Resources Entomologist Glenn Kohler, tells King5

How can we prevent the Beetles from killing our trees then?

Click here for a step-by-step guide on what to do and when.


You're Welcome.

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