HALLOWEEN CANDY: The Good, The Bad, and What Gets Your House Egged

So I went to the grocery store the other night, and of course there’s that whole lane of bags upon bags of all sorts of sorted Halloween candy on the shelves. And just in case you bypassed lane number 5, all decked out in spooky decorations with a giant sign being held up by Frankenstein that reads, “HALLOWEEN CANDY HERE”, there’s the cardboard display of even more bit-size candies that, like Laura Palmer, are wrapped in plastic. Sorry. Twin Peaks reference.

Here’s the problem with buying them so early! And you know exactly where I’m going with this! You tend to eat them, all too often using the excuse, “I’ll just have one as I’m making dinner”. Then it’s another after dinner. Then while watching a movie. “OH! I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!” Before you know it, it’s Halloween, and you have to go out and buy more Halloween candy! So back to the store you go, picking to your favorites to hand out to the lil’ trick-or-treaters. 

What are the favorite hand outs? Most people tend to buy the different kinds of M&M’s. When I asked my listeners it was the peanut M&M’s. Kit Kats. Twix. Snickers. But according to a recent poll via candy.com if differs with each state. For an example:

Washington: Tootsie Pop, M&M’s, and…ah…Salt Water Taffy. Really? Oregon, a state that apparently likes to hand out full size candy bars, Reeses’s Cups are the favorite. In Idaho it’s Snickers and Starbursts. Nevada likes the Hot Tamales. And in Georgia, it’s…Swedish Fish? I had to look that up. Yeah. That’s a thing. It’s nothing more than fish shaped gummies. Perhaps they’re gummy fish that escaped the claws of the gummy bears? 

What about the worst candy that may cause a trick-or-treater to come back to egg your house? Anything licorice. Tootsie Rolls. Smarties. Wax Coke Bottles. Circus peanuts. Mary Janes? I’ve never heard of Many Janes. I had to look that up as well. Apparently it’s an old-timey peanut butter type candy they still sell at the Dollar Store.

And then…there’s a candy that baffles me on how it’s always on the most hated list. Candy Corn!

Candy Corn has somehow become the Nickleback of candy. Candy Corn was a favorite during my Wonder Years. I love Candy Corn and pass them off to those who come ringing my doorbell on Halloween night. Remember when we used to stick them up on our teeth to make it look like we had fangs? Heck, I still do that. I also still stick black olives on my finger tips on Thanksgiving. Hummm. Maybe this is why I wake up on November 1st with shaving cream all over my windows, and I don’t get invited to the family Thanksgiving gathering.

There will be no more questions at this time.

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