Douglas County Commissioners adopted a new permitting process Tuesday for operators of vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds to travel on McNeil Canyon Road.  . 

Commissioners closed the road for use by vehicles over 10,000 pounds in late August of this year due to safety concerns over road conditions and a study needed for the  right-of-way acquisitions necessary for a planned roadway realignment and safety improvement project, anticipated for completion by 2025. 

Anyone interested in a permit can find the Special Motor Vehicle Permit on the Douglas County website.  Permits can also be applied for in person at the Public Services Building located at 140 19th Street NW in East Wenatchee. Most permits can be issued on the same day if the applicant has the appropriate information.

Douglas County Administrator Jordyn Giulio said the permit is issued contingent on a number of conditions including carrying the permit in the permitted vehicle while operating on McNeil Canyon Road.

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Operators of larger vehicles over 26,000 pounds GVW must provide a current Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration inspection report to Douglas County.

Since there have been an increase in equipment failure related accidents near milepost 2, the permit requires operators perform a brake check prior to traveling down McNeil Canyon Road. 

The permit includes other safety conditions including requirements to use lower gears and for drivers to be aware of the run-away truck ramp location.

The permit restricts use of McNeil Canyon Road by vehicles over 10,000 GVW during inclement weather conditions.  Applicants will have access to all of the permit conditions and requirements.

Giulio says vehicles that are restricted by the closure and without a permit have three alternate route options

  1. US Hwy 2 Pine Canyon Road
  2. Road C NW (SR 172)
  3. Bridgeport Hill Road.  


McNeil Canyon Road Closure & Detours
McNeil Canyon Road Closure & Detours


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