Saint Patrick’s Day is so close, you can almost smell the Green Beers that will be poured! Do you have all of your “green” purchased?! Or are you like me and have just about no green colored anything and you have to go out and buy some green stuffs for St. Paddy’s Day? If you are like me, then you’ll appreciate,

TOP 10 Places to Buy “Green” in the Wenatchee Valley: 

Rue 21 – A place for fast fashion and a fast place to grab a cute green top! 

Hot Topic – Need some funky accessories? This is your place!  

Ross – Dress for less and dress for the occasion! Great deals to be found here. 

Macy’s - Find something for mom downstairs, something for the kids upstairs and something for dad upstairs as well! 

Fred Meyer – While you pick up the food for the festivities, make sure to grab a green shirt or two as well! 

Marshall’s - A Step above the Ross store, and by that, I mean with organization. Maybe find some green stuff for the home here too!

Target – Like we need an excuse to go to target... Am I right?! 

Old Navy – You've already started the “4th of July” shirts as a tradition, why not do the same for Saint Patrick’s Day? 

JCPenney - You can even find some makeup to wear inside their "in store" Sephora

Walmart – When in doubt... To Walmart we go! 

Have a fun and safe Saint Patrick’s Day! Wear your green! Do worry, I’ll keep the fact that you are “last minute shopping,” between us. Make sure to dress the pets too!  

Items You Should Have To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day In Style

Whether you are Irish or not make sure you have got the gear for this holiday!

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