Every week I highlight a new song that I’m liking, and want to get your thoughts to see if you think it’s a hit or a miss. Should we continue to play it on KISSIN’ 977.

As you probably saw, last week, the line up for Watershed 2023 was announced. This year the biggest country music fest in Washington State is happening at The Gorge August 4-6th. Lots of big country artists like Luke Bryan, Keith Urban, and Lainey Wilson will be headlining. And among the new country artists performing this year is none other than this week’s spotlight artist, Chayce Beckham with his new country tune called, 23. 

Chayce (who is actually now 27 years old) hails from the High Desert town of Victorville, California. Yep. A kid from the Apple Valley presented here in the Apple Capital. As a kid, he put together a reggae band. Bet you didn’t see that coming. 

But it wasn’t until 2020 when he auditioned for American Idol that people caught on to his talents. Although he almost didn’t make it. Beckham was involved in a near-fatal DUI car crash, that left him upside down in the car. That changed his life around. And so did AI. He admits he was struggling hard. But he was able get through that and go on to win season 19 of American Idol.

The song featured as the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week is an honest autobiographic tune. With his soothing harsh voice, this country tune sounds like a soundtrack to a western movie. “Now I’m 23 and there ain’t nobody who can drink like me. Soon I’ll be 24 and the Lord knows that I can’t drank no more. I know I shoulda taken it slow. It’s not the way that my life goes. Now I know when your passed out on the floor, you’re sober by 24.”

But listen to more than his voice and the lyrics. Listen to that guitar. It’s like it has something to say…as if the strings were raising its eyebrows, ‘he’s speaking the truth’. And Beckham’s final words remind me of the final line from Zach Bryan’s Something in the Orange when Bryan softly says, “Please turn those headlights around.” Chayce sheepishly begs, “Sorry Momma. Please don’t look at me.” As if he’s hiding from God himself after he’s sinned so badly. Please don’t look at me.

Now it’s time for you give 23 a listen and let us know, is it a hit or a miss? You be the judge on the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week from Chayce Beckham. Then call me at 509.662.5976, or Tweet us @kissin977, or text a message on the Kissin’ 977 smart phone app. Here’s when you can catch the Mav3rick Spotlight of the Week: 

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