What type of parent would you describe yourself as?

No matter the Generation you grew up in.

I'll show you mine below...


Carefree? Easy-going. But also, I know when to be "mom." You know?

I am a Millennial, so my takes on parenting are of course different from my Gen X momma.

My little girl and I fill our days with so many laughs, deep belly giggles and long talks. My mother and I had similar days, but I did notice she was stressed more. (Could totally be because she had me at a younger age than I did when I had my little girl.)

But are Millennials the better generation at parenting compared to the rest?

"73% of millennials believe they are doing a better job of raising kids than their own parents" - Source

If you aren't a Millennial, even if you are, you might think, "How presumptuous!"

Here's the reasoning though.

Why Millennial Parents are Better at Parenting than the Other Generations

Yes, I said it, and I will go ahead and hang out on this high horse. From Gentle parenting to just flat-out listening to kids, the Millennials have set a standard that can only get better.

Gallery Credit: Aly

Don't just take my word for it!

"New generations develop new criteria for what counts as 'good' parenting, but while we all set out to raise children into well-adjusted, well-rounded, fully functioning humans, that task is much easier said than done." - Source


We are just all trying to raise these tiny humans into productive citizens, right?

To each their own on parenting styles and we all know, Every Child Is Different. and your parenting styles reflect that.

Remember, It's ok. We all have rough days, but they are followed by brighter days!

Now go knock this "Parenting" off its socks and enjoy those humans.

If you are already an empty nester, remember. You tried your best!

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7 Easy Parenting Tips

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