Ok, so you want some good burgers and milkshakes for you and the whole family. Why not make a theme of it?

50's Themed diners and cafes are the perfect spots to enjoy with the whole family.

With the retro vibes and cool pictures hanging up, really feels like your in a movie scene from Grease.

No poodle skirts required!


Just bring yourself, friends, family and enjoy!

Want a malt? How about a slice of pie, what'll it be handsome.

50's Themed Restaurants in Washington State

Take yourself into the past with some yummy diners and cafes around Washington State.

Gallery Credit: Aly

See, there are some pretty groovy spots right here in Washington State. You can even choose which side of the mountains you want to dine in.

From Western WA to Eastern WA, we seem to have a love for 50's themed diners.

What's your favorite milkshake?

Personally, I love the classic Vanilla, served in the glass cup and the extra in a metal cup, with a big ole long spoon to help us dive into the goodness! Don't forget the cherry on top of the whipped cream, probably my favorite part of it all!

Have you ever been to a 50's themed restaurant?

Maybe make a deal of it with your friends and dress up as if you were in the 50's, really get into the magic and experience a blast from the past.


Don't forget to drop a dime in the Jukebox!

Side note, whenever I write about restaurants, I get so dang hungry... Bye, I'm going to go eat at one of the places listed above.

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