I never saw it with all the clouds coving over Washington in the past week, but there are some that are saying that the Chinese Spy Balloon, that has now been shot down over the Atlantic Ocean, could have been floating high above the state of Washington. Actually I’m kinda surprised the balloon didn’t get popped by the Space Needle. And how did it get over the Cascades? Stevens Pass? Boy, that would have taken forever! But while soaring through Washington, the spy balloon could have made itself useful. 

Here are the top 10 other things the Chinese Spy Balloon could have done while in Washington. 

10) Replace that creepy dancing inflatable man in front of Buddy’s.

9) Collect all the hot air coming out of Olympia.  

8) Help the East Wenatchee Pizza Hut deliver pizza to Wenatchee.

7) Prove the world is round. (Oops. Sorry. that’s one of the things the Chinese Spy Balloon could have done to convince Oregon. Stay weird, Portland!) 

6)“Traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives with the Spy in the Sky on News Radio KPQ.”

5) Bring the Wizard of Oz to the real Emerald City.

4) (Sorry. #4 was the funniest joke we wrote, but the sidewinder missile blew it up)

3) Survey the land of the Wenatchee Valley to find out where they could put in yet another roundabout.

2) Give us another option to fly in and out of Pangborn Airport.

1) Float around the inside of the Town Toyota Center during a Wenatchee  Wild game dropping certificates to the fans in the stands for a free chocolate shake at Wendy’s.

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