As a mom, I absolutely 100% know, that what I’m about to say is truth. We all need a break from the kids to collect our thoughts, destress, or maybe even just hear nothingness, silence for juuuust a bit. Sounds amazing right? Well, what if I told you, that here in Washington State, we hold one of the worlds quietest rooms. Would you give it a try? Before you say yes, here are some interesting things I’ve found on the “wonderous place for mommas” 

The Anechoic Chamber, located inside the audio lab of the Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond WA. This is where, you can literally hear your joints moving, and blood vessels within your body. This actually seems creepier than calming.  

The Chamber itself looks like a bunch of squares stacked and sticking out of the walls, this creates the “no noise bounce.” I watched a YouTube video where there was a gal screaming and twirling around, the only reason for the sound to “dim” was because her head got in the way of the sound frequency. Hard to explain but you’ll understand by the end of this.  

Once inside this Chamber, you’ll want to be “Zen,” and allow yourself to sit in the silence, the noises you’ll hear are all from within your own body and motion. I guess one of the first sounds you’ll hear are your ears. Hearing your ears!? Like it doesn’t seem real. And like mentioned above, you’ll eventually hear your heart vessel doing their thing. Mind Blowing (you’d probably hear that too)  

On top of all the quiet and somewhat creepy (only creepy cause it’s not “normal” to hear those sounds) sounds you’ll experience, others have even mentioned feelings of going insane. Yes, the quiet is so quiet that you’ll want “normal” hearing back. How quiet is quiet though? Well compared to a Football game, which is 125 decibels, this Anechoic Chamber has a decibel reading of –9! The quietest thing that was achieved in hearing, were air particles moving! Fascinating, just uncomprehend able really.  

So, Momma’s back to my question, would you give it a try? I’ll tell you, I would love to experience it, experimentally, but a nice quiet drive in the hills will be just fine for me to “escape” for a few and get a break from the “Mom! Mommy! Momma, Muuuuuuummmmmy!!!!”  

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